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Platform Features

An incredible range of functionality, designed with people in mind - we fit into real lives, so they give us their real truths in simple yet significant ways.

Short and sweet

  • Split content into digestible tasks – suitable for on-the-go
  • Supports single surveys, repeatable diaries and forums
  • Unlock tasks based on date, segment or previous responses
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Nimble and playful

  • Question types designed for mobile
  • Tactile, engaging interactions built for fingertips
  • Full routing and piping capabilities
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Sound and vision

  • Seamlessly incorporate media collection
  • Photo, video and audio all supported
  • Automatically transcoded into compatible formats
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Interactive and immersive

  • Weave in forum / community tasks
  • Group discussions, one-to-ones and ‘blind’ tasks all supported
  • Browser support to give space to write long form answers
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Real time dashboard

  • Live project management tracking to see who has done what
  • View responses by task across all participants or follow one participant’s entire journey
  • All variety of views for participant, researcher and client alike
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Filter, sort, tag and export

  • View responses by task or individual participant
  • Filters by segment, language or any question in the project for a digestible view of content
  • Create your own tags to codify media and data responses
  • Export content for analysis elsewhere
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Added value service

  • Full coding and tabulation services available. Translation and transcription services provided where necessary
  • Live moderator support for foreign language discussions
  • Let us take the strain – support from creation to analysis
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Talking Heads

Get video vox pops on burning questions, really fast

Email us if you'd like to know more.

A price plan for every budget

CrowdLab is your flexible friend, with a range of ways to form a relationship

Talking Heads

  • Automated Vox Pops
  • 12 participants
  • Up to 1 Hr of video footage
  • 5 questions + up to 3 stimulus uploads
  • Project setup and testing
  • Dashboard access
  • Full data and media exports
  • From £1500 / $2000
  • Product Details
  • Launch a Project


  • Single Bespoke Projects
  • Custom task icons and logo
  • Project set up and testing
  • Project launch assist
  • Direct participant support
  • 12 month dashboard access
  • Full data and media exports
  • PAYG rate card


  • Multiple Bespoke Projects
  • upfront Payment + Annual Commitment
  • Per project discount
  • Project in your branding
  • Custom task icons and logo
  • £1500/$2000 one off fee for your bespoke Brand Chapter
  • A variety of bespoke packages to suit your volume levels:
  • Commit to 4 projects and get 10% off our standard rate card
  • Commit to 5 to 10 projects and get 20% off our standard rate card
  • Commit to 10+ projects and get 30% off our standard rate card

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Project Director



Kurt Moeller

Product Manager


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