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Create more meaningful dialogue

CrowdLab is built to allow participants to engage on-the-go based on app design principles, not research ones. Mobile surveys, media uploads, diaries and forums to complete on the phone or through a browser can be seamlessly interwoven – so that the right tasks are available for participants to complete at the right time, so they feel compelled to tell rich stories about the moments that matter.  The worlds of quant and qual perfectly blended.

Rethinking methodology

Why limit yourself to the old ways of doing things?

  • Ethnographic – sit back and observe the participants’ world
  • Discussion – create a private dialogue or public discussion
  • Structured – multiple choice or more tactile and playful question types
  • Or all of these at the same time if that’s your style
Until now, such rich insights have been widely reserved for expensive and time-consuming ethnographic methodologies.
Qualitative Researcher, Mid-Sized Full Service Agency

Rethinking design

We design research based on app design principles not research dogma:

  • Offline capability so that there is no barrier to completion in the moment
  • Split research content into quick bite sized chunks
  • Use of menu and feedback loops so we behave like an app, not a research project
  • Locking and unlocking of tasks to only show what’s relevant at that time, date or location
CrowdLab has helped us to capture a more realistic version of people’s lives by making it easier to capture moments in their lives as they happen and answer a bespoke set of questions about these moments.
Director of Innovation & Inspiration, Mid-Sized Full Service Agency

Rethinking people

People are the most important element of research:

  • Participants are our partners in research
  • We must respect them and their time
  • We must build our research around their lives
  • We must get closer to their truth than ever before
  • We want them enjoy their involvement and want to take part again
Crowdlab are a rare combination in that they get technology and they get research, and understand the magic that can happen at the intersection.
Research Agency CEO, Mid-Sized Full Service

Rethinking innovation

Methodological innovation is when technology and research innovate together:

  • “On-the-go” research, like mobile, requires us to re-imagine research for this channel
  • Just putting online research on a phone is simply not good enough
  • Our platform plays to the strengths of mobile providing new ways of gathering insight
  • Our team help you get the most from the platform
The project was commended by our client for the pioneering use of mobile to capture very detailed unconscious behaviours.
Qualitative Research Director, Top 10 Agency

Design for life

An incredible range of functionality, designed with people in mind - we fit into real lives, so they give us their real truths in simple yet significant ways.

Short and sweet

  • Split content into digestible tasks – suitable for on-the-go
  • Supports single surveys, repeatable diaries and forums
  • Unlock tasks based on date, segment or previous responses
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Nimble and playful

  • Question types designed for mobile
  • Tactile, engaging interactions built for fingertips
  • Full routing and piping capabilities
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Sound and vision

  • Seamlessly incorporate media collection
  • Photo, video and audio all supported
  • Automatically transcoded into compatible formats
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Interactive and immersive

  • Weave in forum / community tasks
  • Group discussions, one-to-ones and ‘blind’ tasks all supported
  • Browser support to give space to write long form answers
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You've gathered. Now distill and inspire.

With all of that content at your fingertips, you need to be able to access it, instantly, intuitively and intelligently. And now you can.

Real time dashboard

  • Live project management tracking to see who has done what
  • View responses by task across all participants or follow one participant’s entire journey
  • All variety of views for participant, researcher and client alike
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Filter, sort, tag and export

  • View responses by task or individual participant
  • Filters by segment, language or any question in the project for a digestible view of content
  • Create your own tags to codify media and data responses
  • Export content for analysis elsewhere
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Added value service

  • Full coding and tabulation services available. Translation and transcription services provided where necessary
  • Live moderator support for foreign language discussions
  • Let us take the strain – support from creation to analysis
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The cut of our jib with the story of you

Fame is over rated. You take the glory. You be the hero. We just make it

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A price plan for every budget

CrowdLab is your flexible friend, with a range of ways to form a relationship


  • No set up fee - Pay per project
  • Per project discount
  • Participants use CrowdLab app
  • Projects in your branding
  • Custom task icons and logo
  • Dashboard in CrowdLab branding
  • Project set up and testing
  • Project launch assist
  • Direct participant support
  • 12 month dashboard access
  • Full data and media exports
  • Support developing your mobile strategy
  • Bespoke development for you
  • Access to volume discounts
  • PAYG UK rate card
  • PAYG US rate card


  • Set up fee + pay per project
  • Per project discount
  • Participants use CrowdLab app
  • Project in your branding
  • Custom task icons and logo
  • Dashboard in CrowdLab branding
  • Project set up and testing
  • Project launch assist
  • Direct participant support
  • 12 month dashboard access
  • Full data and media exports
  • Support developing your mobile strategy
  • Bespoke development for you
  • Access to volume discounts
  • PAYG+ UK rate card
  • PAYG+ US rate card


  • Annual license + pay per project
  • Per project discount
  • Participants use your app
  • Project in your branding
  • Custom task icons and logo
  • Dashboard in your company branding
  • Project set up and testing
  • Project launch assist
  • Direct participant support
  • 12 month dashboard access
  • Full data and media exports
  • Support developing your mobile strategy
  • Bespoke development for you
  • Access to rebate scheme
  • CONTRACT UK rate card
  • CONTRACT US rate card

The moments that matter

CrowdLab reaches the insight that other technologies can't. Here's a flavour for the types of stories people tell us.

Shopping moments

Purchase journeys

  • Stories from car buyers at different stages of the purchase process – from the joy of discovery, the thrill of digitally building it, to the angst of the dealership visit in whatever order it happens
  • The decorating journey loop that fused online behavioural data with offline mobile capture to understand the interplay between the digital and physical worlds and how one can let down the other
  • Stories about train tickets – sending people on missions to buy the same ticket for the same journey and getting multiple price points: insight without questions

Real life moments

Life, as it happens

  • Video confessionals about the pains and pleasures of being a mum to help a supermarket better understand its core audience
  • Stories about where older women get their confidence from to help a health food brand understand the inner self
  • Stories about travel journeys through the airports and in the sky to understand the natural triggers of duty free shopping

Brand & comms moments

Encounters with media and brands

  • Stories from the streets as people record their encounters as they go about their lives; showcasing outdoor, ambient and POS moments that get lost via traditional methodologies
  • Tales of the what, where and why of hundreds of digital media moments in a week – how digital content is everywhere in our lives

Experiential moments

Real time, real insight

  • Stories from attendees at European football’s major final and festival, before, during and after; about the event experience and the effectiveness of sponsor activities
  • Stories from attendees across a test match cricket summer about brand activities and sponsorship
  • Stories from attendees at the Sundance Film Festival about brand activation experiences

Connected moments

Supercharging the traditional

  • Replay gathered content about real behaviour as stimulus in groups and depths to overcome faulty memory and post-rationalisation
  • Keep the dialogue going post group/survey – when people engage with their real context does the insight hold?

Media moments

Context for consumption

  • Stories live from the mouths of babes (well 7 – 11 year olds) about their favourite TV shows, the new shows that caught their eye, the difference viewing context of school time and half term, the family viewing experience and Halloween highlights
  • TV moments that matter – when they watch, talk, see, share – a few hundred people building up thousands of media moments that can be segmented: real behaviours, not recalled behaviours
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Life in the Lab

There's so much more we can tell you.
Transport yourself to our inner sanctum.

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ITU – the ITU is the United Nations agency that looks after information and communication technologies. The ITU statistics page has several useful reports, looking at the incidence of mobile usage globally and at topics such as developments and predictions.

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Statista – provides access to a mass of statistics, mostly for a fee, but many for free. For example, this page shows monthly market share by smartphone platform for the USA for Jan 2012 to Dec 2014

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comScore – provide industry reference data in a range of media fields, including mobile. Most stuff has a cost, but their insights page is a great source of free information

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AppAnnie – focuses on apps and digital goods. Lots of free stuff, as well as lots of paid stuff. Free stuff includes ranking of apps by store and type

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"What makes them really stand out is the service you get: no idea is too weird, no question too difficult."
Research Agency CEO, Mid-sized Full Service
Finalist: 2014 MRS/Aura Insight Management Award
They take our half formed ideas, add their creative approach, and invariably come up with something that is far better than we had imagined
CEO, Fast Growing Mid Sized Agency
Winner: 2013 MRS/ASC Technology and Effectiveness Award
Crowdlab has helped us achieve a real step-change in the way insight is delivered into the business. Crowdlab have been patient, provided guidance and delivered good quality, engaging outputs for us which has been received enthusiastically around the business.
Senior Insights Manager, Telecommunications End Client
Finalist: 2013 MRS Business-to- Business Research Award
We can never hope to meet 100% of a client’s needs using just our core platform; so integrating third parties like Crowdlab helps us create greater impact with our clients’ communities.
UK Managing Director, Global Panel & Community Platform Provider
Winner: 2013 BIG Conference May - Best Innovation Paper
The intuitive question design and the ability for people to upload media content results in exciting, colourful output which complement in-the-moment quantitative data and provide a richer picture of the experience
Quantitative Research Partner, Top Ten Agency
Finalist: MRS Award 2013 - Best Innovation

Meet the Labbers

Researchers in London, developers in Leicester, so two places to pop in and have a cuppa. The kettle is always on.


Richard Owen - Founder & CEO

Chief cook and bottle washer. Frustrated cricketer. Satisfied real ale drinker
richard@crowdlab.com |


Niall Smith - Managing Director

Runs the day to day operations, gets run around by two young daughters.
niall@crowdlab.com |


Mandeep Gill - Project Director

Helping you to get the best from mobile, every step of the way. Mummy, foodie, wine lover and fitness enthusiast.
mandeep@crowdlab.com |


Marcia Clough - Project Manager

Overseeing your projects from inception to delivery. Enjoys life, sports, and a good practical challenge!
marcia@crowdlab.com |


Sam Chesson - Project Facilitator

Help, support for you and our participants when not snowboarding or footballing.
sam@crowdlab.com |


Aaron McAdam

Senior Web Engineer


Richard Hatherall

Senior Engineer


Rob Newbould

Web Engineer


Patrick Corbett

Web Engineer


Kate Adams

UI/UX Designer


Ken Corey

Lead Mobile Engineer


Albert Devesa

Mobile Engineer


Arjun Taheem

Mobile Engineer